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I'm trying to get a competitive Zangoose in X/Y and I kinda want one with Ice Punch for ground and rock coverage but It seems impossible to breed it on to him. I've tried sketching it with Smeargle and breeding it with Zangoose but still no Ice punch. Any Pokemon I breed with it that has the move won't pass it on. I really want to get it as legit as possible without hacking or anything
Can anyone please help me out here?


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You cannot get a Zangoose with Ice Punch in X/Y.
Breeding for Ice Punch will not work.
However, you can get it through Move Tutor in Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire.
Source: Experience and Here

Click the X/Y Moves learned by Zangoose... You'll see that it won't be able to learn it by any way.
I hope this helped!

So I need to teach It from the Move Tutor in OR/AS huh ?
I hoped there was any other way but I guess it'll save me the time of trying to breed it so thanks!
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There is a way!!

First get Pokémon BW2 and catch a Zangoose at Route 11 or Village Bridge, get 10 Red Shards, and teach it Ice Punch with the move tutor in Driftveil City. Then transfer it to X/Y via PokeBank/Transporter.

Hope I helped!

Thanks a bunch !
 I knew there had to be some other way since I didn't get OR/AS yet but I do have B2 .Thanks again for the help!
No problem :)