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when I battle legendary Pokemon I rage because I run the battle so long that it kills itself and I have to battle it again

Do you mean that a legendary can be caught with a ciritical capture?

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Always save before Legendaries. You may not catch it first time, but if you save you can easily soft-reset and try again.

False Swipe

Get a high leveled Pokemon with False Swipe. This will reduce the Legendary's HP to at least 1, preventing it from fainting. Eg. Say I have a Level 100 Scyther against a Level 30 Vaporeon (they dont have to be level 100) and Scyther uses False Swipe, then Vaporeon's health will be reduced to 1 HP, regardless of how much HP it had before using False Swipe (especially if there is a large level difference).
To make it quicker, use False Swipe at the start of the battle.

Stock up on Pokéballs

Make sure you buy some good Pokeballs.
Ones I find especially useful are Ultra Ball, Dusk Ball (caves or at night) Timer Ball (for those long battles) and obviously Master Ball.

Status Conditions

Inflicting a status condition will up the catch rate.
Status conditions include:
I would recommend Paralysation, as Pokemon cannot cure themselves naturally of it. Try to avoid using Poison or Burn, as this will inflict damage to the Legendary and ut may end up fainting. Sleep and Frozen are also good, however I see Paralysation as the better status condition.


If your Pokemon are under leveled then you may find they are fainting due to the Legendary being too strong. This is bad because if your Pokemon faint then you will have to beat the Elite Four in order to be able to catch it again. So, if you seem down on Pokemon use Potions or Revives.

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False Swipe doesnt work like that
False Swipe works at any HP level, not just full.
I meant at the start of battle, because he wanted the quickest way. Guess I didn't explain properly
I didn't get his question lol.
Did he mean quickest ?
I think so, if not, I will hide my answer
I thought he meant can a pokemon be caught witha critical cAPTURE XD
Your description for False Swipe is still not accurate or it is very unclear. False Swipe doesn't automatically take the Pokémon to 1 HP it merely ensures that the Pokémon doesn't faint. It leaves the target with at least 1 HP.
I wouldn't start the battle with False Swipe o.o
Unless you are like massively overlevlled and brilliant attack or had a boost like SD.
start with a super effectitive move to deal a chunk of damage then. slowly chip away with neutral or not effective moves. When you eventually reache the lower or red health bar then False Swipe