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How do I know when it's day time and night time in the game ?


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In the day the sky will be clear blue
In the night the sky will be black/blue
At Sunset the sky will be orange/redish hue

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You can also check by evolving a Pokemon.

Max out Eevees' s friendship and then level it up. In the Day it will become an espeon and in the night it will become an Umbreon

Espeon - 4am to 8pm
Umbreon - 8pm to 4am

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See here

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Linked to your 3DS time?

The time in Pokémon is linked to your 3DS time so if you want it to be night just change the time on your DS or vice versa :) Exact times in Kalos are:

Twilight 04:00 AM - 04:59 AM
Day 05:00 AM - 07:59 PM
Twilight 08:00 PM - 08:59 PM
Night 09:00 PM - 03:59 AM

It should get darker at around twilight (8pm) I think..


Hope I helped :)