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I’m post game. The lunala isn’t mine however. I’m in ultra moon and I defeated the elite 4 and champion and all of the important stuff

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Have you defeated Necrozma?

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In Pokémon Moon, after becoming Champion, if the player has Solgaleo in the party at night or Lunala during the day, they can open the dimensional distortion into an Ultra Wormhole and travel to an alternate world.

In Pokémon Ultra Moon, Necrozma's presence in the party will allow the player to travel to the Altar of the Sunne in the reverse world from the dimensional distortion, provided it is in its Dusk Mane form at night or its Dawn Wings form during the day.

I’m assuming you are trying to use the method that is exclusive to Moon. In Ultra Moon, you need to have caught Necrozma and fused it with your Lunala using the N-Lunarizer from Colress, then use the same method you have been trying to use.