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I am a lv. 92 Feraligatr and my partner is a lv. 88 Raichu. I rescued Scizor from Crevice Cave and I've been trying to access the World Abyss by creating a Wonder Mail password with a generator. I cannot accept the job because a message pops up saying:"You can't handle this job yet!". I have my Secret Rank, so why can't I explore World Abyss?
This is the Wondermail:

Seeking fellow explorers to reach World Abyss's B10!

Client: Flygon
Objective: Explore with Flagon
Restrictions: With Raichu
Difficulty: *6 (700)
Reward: Wonder Gummi +?

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Jesus, your Pokemon are so overleveled!
Try getting it with the released legit codes first with the 7 treasure wonder mail S codes:
@QMQ- [email protected] TTT6Q or
@288C 2W9N-YJ STK=W

Thank you for your suggestion, Skynet, but I have Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Darkness takes 24-letter/number codes.
No, you're correct.
I'll check it out - i have EoT, so I'll test the codes.  They MIGHT work.

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I believe it is because restrictions say with Raichu
meaning you would do the mission with Raichu only, you can't have Scizor in your party.