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Seriously it's just weird wouldn't he sink.....

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Fat is less dense than water, and so it floats. Snorlax has a lot of fat. Maybe Game Freak thought it would be fitting.
Snorlax reminds me of a bear though  :P
It can float alright, but if you look at it well... I'm guessing that's all it can do in water. Swimming seems like a long shot with Snorlax.

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Gamefreak Logic

Its just how Scyther can't learn fly but Doduo can.
Its just one of those things which only Gamefreak will know why.


Snorlax looks a bit like a bear , maybe ?
Bears can swim and if Snorlax is a bear he could swim I suppose.
Plus, not everything sinks. It depends on the volume of water and the mass and weight

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But what about Rydon?
I assume that the Rhydon line would have parts of it's body made out of pumice?
Still, that'll take alot of pumice...
nah the reason rhydon learns surf is because everybody needs a pokemon to RHYDON BA DUM TSSSSSSSSS