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I don't really know how this works in real life, but on this website it seems people have taken to using "Gems" vs items such as : Dragon Fang, Charcoal, Mystic Water, Miracle Seed, etc. I just don't get it. Does a gem yield a higher boost then specs/band? Or life orb? Gems are single use too. It can't be because of bulk supply, since they are randomized drops, plus the four I listed are in good supply anyway. Please explain this.

There are only a select few Pokemon that benefit from gem items, especially now that only Normal Gem is released. Otherwise, the standard items like Life Orb are more useful.

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Gems are used to get temporary boosts, and also combine well with the move Acrobatics and the ability Unburden.


Acrobatics: a 55 BP Flying-type attack that doubles in power when the user is not holding an Item. How does a Gem affect this? Simple: The boost from a Flying Gem activates before the doubling effect of Acrobatics. More simply, Acrobatics gets the boost from the Flying Gem, then the damage boost from not holding a item, turning a mediocre attack into a nuclear bomb. Unfortunately, this strategy is no longer legal, as the Flying Gem was only available in BW/BW2.


Unburden is an ability that gives the user a speed boost after its item has been consumed. This allows a sweeper (I'll use Sceptile) to get off one powerful boosted attack, then get a boost in speed and wreck things. This ability allows Sceptile to get two buffs, as opposed to just one when holding a Plate or other perma-boost items.

Acrobatics AND Unburden

The jewel of Gem movesets, being able to get an Acrobatics boost and activate Unburden. Only six Pokémon can do this: Sceptile and its pre-evos, Hawlucha, Drifloon and Drifblim. This is THE best strategy when using Gems. Honorable mentions go to Fighting Gem Terrakion, Flying Gem Talonflame, and Normal Gem ExtremeSpeed.

I hope that answers you question about Gems. Please note that Gems should only be used for competitive purposes, as they are single-use. For in-game, any of the items you listed would be better, as they are indefinite.

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It's because Gems have a higher power

Even though that gems are single use items, they are really useful. Flying Gem + Acrobatics tell it all. Plus they're pretty useful with Recycle and all that.

Hopefully this answers your question

Hope I helped!(ish)

Just an add-on, Gems give a 30% boost to their respective types. (It was 50% in Gen V, but got reduced in XY).
theyre not even in XY :P
Only the normal gem is