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For example,
I have 5 Perfect ivs on a Greninja and I wish to pass them down to a new Protean Froakie. This Protean Froakie has 4 Perfect ivs. If I let Greninja hold the Destiny Knot, while the froakie hold the everstone as it has the nature I want, will I be able to EVENTUALLY get a 5 iv Protean Froakie? If not, can you tell me a way? Thanks

Note: The Greninja is a male and the Froakie is a Female


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A Destiny Knot passes 5IVs between the parents

Breeding is just a matter of luck and RNG being kind to you. It is indeed very possible to get a 5IV Froakie but its not 100% garaunteed.

>Destiny Knot gives a combo of both the parents IV's. So you could get perfect IV's or non-perfect IV's unless you bred both parents to have perfect IV's.

For example : If neither parents did not have an IV in Sp.D then the offspring's IV inSp.D would be randomly generated.

2 flawless parents will not be guaranteed to give 5IVS

6IV parents 19.2708% of the time or 1 out of every 5.1892 eggs will produce 5IV Pokemon with a DK

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