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Access to Tough Claws, and after ONE Shell Smash, this thing destroys every. Single. Thing. So why is it in PU?

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Rock/Water is awful typing.
Its typing is terrible. Rock/Water is not very good, whether offensively or defensively talking.
Moreover, its movepool is extremely scarce. It sucks without Shell Smash. So it's kinda an Alakazam case: too predictable.
Barbaracle is not particularly fast anyway and is outclassed in every tier.
What is PU?
A tier below NU^

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  1. Its very slow. 68 base speed is getting it nowhere.(even with shellsmash)
  2. Its Typing. 4x weak to grass means its almost guarenteed OHKOd bye it.
  3. Its SpDef. while not horrid 86 base isnt gonna cut it from any grass atk.
  4. as said above its very predictable.(tough claws razor shell is bout all it does)
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