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So, I'm breeding two Froakies, each with 5 perfect IVs one of them is missing attack and the other is missing special defense, if I gave the first the power item for special defense and the second one the power item for attack would the resulting Froakie have 6 perfect IVs?


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No, I don't know where you got that from. Your Pokemon would have two perfect IVs in Attack and Special Defense because it inherited perfect Attack and SpD from it's parents, but where would the other Pokemon's perfect IVs come from?

If you want a Pokemon with better IVs, have one of the parents hold a Destiny Knot. By one of them holding a Destiny Knot, it will inherit five IVs amongst both parents, and the offspring will likely have four perfect IVs at least.

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well, it would have a chance at 6ivs, but when you've already got 5 the destiny knot makes it much more likely.