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I just purchased the Pokemon Omega Ruby for my son from Walmart and when he tries to play it the game title and all the words within the game are in Japanese. Is this normal and can it be changed? This was not the case on the Alpha Sapphire game he also received. These are his first Pokemon games so we were not sure if it was normal or if there is a problem with the game we bought. Thanks.

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You have to select the language you play the game in at the very beginning of it. He may have accidentally chosen Japanese.

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I'm pretty sure it's a Japanese copy of the game. You'll have to get it replaced by a different copy.

I'm not sure if Japanese is an option for the game's language but your son might have selected Japanese instead of English which is prompted at the start of the game.

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No, it's not normal. It must be a Japanese version, as these are fairly common. You could trade it in at Walmart for an English copy. If it says it's English, take it in and ask for it to be traded for a different copy. It should result in you getting a good copy for little to no extra money.

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