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If Starmie was hit by Forest's Curse then used Camouflage would it become Quad-Typed? What if it used Camouflage the got hit by Forest's Curse? Does Camouflage replace or add a type, if so replacing a type which does it replace the first type (Starmie's Water Type) or the second type (Starmie's Psychic Type?)

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Camouflage replaces all types.

Battle Effect: Alters the POKéMON's type depending on the location. ~ Serebii

When a Pokémon uses Camouflage, it changes into one type. It replaces both Psychic and Water. Therefore it is impossible to have a quadruple-typed Pokémon.

As for Forest's Curse and Camouflage, the typing depends on what was used first. If the order went Forest's Curse > Camouflage, then Camouflage would override the Grass typing and become monotype. If the order was Camouflage > Forest's Curse, then the Grass type would be added to Camouflage's type, making the Pokémon dual-type. I hope that this is of use to you!

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