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So, in a double battle, I have Furfrou, and another Pokemon

Turn one:

Furfrou uses Cotton Guard, the other Pokemon uses simple beam and maxes Furfrou's defense

Turn two:

the other Pokemon switches an Assault Vest onto Furfrou, making his special defence

What I want to know is what Pokemon is capable of this.

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If you mean one Pokemon, there are none.

Here's the thing: if you have an Assault Vest on the other Pokemon, it will not use Simple Beam or Trick as status moves will be prohibited. That strategy is doomed to fail anyways because Assault Vest cannot be tricked.

Hope I helped!

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I may have just found a way! Audino gets Klutz, so it can use Simple beam, but can it have an item switching move?
Nothing that has Klutz, and an item switching move learns Simple Beam though. Audino doesn't get Trick or Switcheroo either.
It gets Bestow
If you are willing to have Furfrou hold no item at all (not recommended) you can use a Bestow Audino with Simple Beam. But honestly thats way too much effort for such a fragile strategy.
Yea, I'm not sure it's worth it, I only did it as Furfrou becomes the ultimate tank