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I think this strategy could maybe be good. Okay, lets say I have a shuckle with this moveset:

  • Encore
  • Power Trick
  • Bug bite
  • Rest/Toxic/Gyro Ball, or something else.

Well, my Shuckle uses encore on a Pokemon that maybe uses a sp. Atk. If the Pokemon does that, I will use power trick, and then I sweep. If not sp. Atk. I just wait, because of Shuckles huge defense. If this is a good strategy, I'd also like to know what you think the last move could be.

Shuckle is NOT a sweeper!!!
Where does It say it's a sweeper? It doesn't and since when do sweepers have base 5 speed?
So rather than making false accusations and not helping why don't you actually say something related?
I say 'and then I sweep'.
It didn't seem false to me, and it wasn't an accusation.
To be fair, it does say "then I sweep"

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The only time- repeat- ONLY time Power Trick works is if you have Trick Room Support. Shuckle makes out Def and SDef at 559 each. however Atk and SAtk are less than 85 max. so if Shuckles Spd is like 57 maxed out. So what good is a 559 Atk 85 Def 57 Spd Pokemon against any other lv 100? now if you Trick Room, Shuckle becomes the fastest thing in play with a 559 Atk Stat. that's higher than Haxorus, Ramparidos, and Slaking can claim. but without TR support you're dead. also Gyro Ball is useless in TR cuz you would be considered faster, thus weakening it severely.

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Though trick room support is good doesn't make gyro ball less powerfull, it keeps your original speed which is abusable.
Thanks for the answer :) i just like the idea, but you have right :(
My understanding was that Trick Room invents the Spd check to view lower Spd stat as higher and Vice-Versa. if that's not correct, then GB would be fine. but if the games Calculation checks a Spd Stat of 289 vs 57 as 57 being higher, then the difference between 289 and 57 would determine the power of GB. like i said i am not a programmer. that was just my understanding of a Spd check while under Trick Room.
Now I make him a staller ;-7

one move ends Trick Room Shuckle with Power Trick:

Ice Shard.

it hits x2 on Shuckles Rock Type, and will always hit Shuckle first. And Shuckle has Terrible HP stats.

and as a Staller, Shuckle needs

Shuckle @ Leftovers
Impish (Def)/Careful (SDef) Nature
252 Def or SDef/ 160 Def or SDef/ 36 HP
- Toxic
- Sandstorm
- Double Team
- Protect/Swagger
Ice is not Super-Effective against Rock.
Trick room doesn't effect speed just it gives slow Pokemon Basicly 0.5 priority meaning your quicker than the opponent unless they use a +1 priority this is considering your slower though
Trachy you're right haha i meant Aqua Jet. Rock is Supereffective against Ice.