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OK have a shuckle that knows stone edge, gyro ball, Bug bite, and POWER TRICK YES POWER TRICK. Use power trick when fighting a special attacker then POWER TRICK and zoooooooom shuckle has the highes attack in the game making him a physical tank. though I realize that a physical attacker wil crush the little guy becuase of his now pathetic attack but agianst special attackers he is awesome.

Yes thats right I have found a way to make this pathetic NU pokemon powerful.

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Too risky. Once Power Trick is activated, it's way too easy for the opponent to switch in a physical attacker. They switch in, and nab a KO. Easy enough for them. The only set where this'd be better is if you carried Wrap in the moveset for trapping. Even then, Shuckle'd want Trick Room support.

The Power Trick Strategy is best executed with doubles, alongside Clefable. Shuckle uses Protect, Clefable uses Trick Room. Clefable uses an attack, Shuckle uses Power Trick. Clefable uses Me First, Shuckle rips a Pokemon apart. Plus, Shuckle is better off with Rock Slide and Earthquake, so it can hit multiple enemies with that massive Attack stat.

Yes, we have all noticed that at one point, but that just makes him a very slow glass cannon. Doesn't work as Will said unless you have proper set-up.
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Thats an instant victory, or instant fail strategy.
A good one though.

I totally agree with Will on the wrap thing, in a single battle, that's the only way to ensure you can attack the desired target.

But, for a double battle, the Shuckle needs a Focus Sash! I would ev train a Clefable in speed, with a speed nature, so it can use it's important attacks first(hopefully), leaving shuckle a clear shooting range.

So do this- 1st turn= Shuckle: Power Trick, Clefable: Trick room.

2nd turn= Clefable: follow me, and Shuckle: any strong attack! The first turn Power Trick may leave Shuckle open to a hit, but with a focus band, he'll be ok! And he'll almost always survive until this turn, when Clafairy uses Follow Me, protecting that Sweeper that is... SHUCKLE!! But that's just what I would do.

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I know that this stategy has never been used before but try instead of power trick which will leave you defenceless, use power split.
A good way to get a victory might be with rockslide toxic wrap. Use wrap then poison with toxic then damage with rockslide. Gyro ball sounds really good because it is stronger with slow pokemon & shuckle has a speed base stat of 5

Hope this Helps

Never been used before? Please, that is what all Shuckles use now. Well, not Rock Slide or Gyro Ball, those are useless even with Power Spilt.