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Is there any way for me to make Shuckle worth using? It has awesome defense and SP. defense, but it's attack and speed suffer. I know that you can swap the defense stats with the attack stats but Shuckle isn't fast enough to out-speed enough Pokemon to make that move worth using. With only 119 being the best it's speed stat can be, is there any hope???

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I can answer this, but I'll leave Will to answer.
He is a Shuckle master. Only person who can actually battle with it.
Alright! Any idea when he'll get on?

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Shuckle is a complicated Pokemon to most people, and what sets them off as something that can't fight is the low Base attack and Special Attack. Of course, that Speed isn't exactly something to envy either.

However, under that weak exterior lies a mountain of potential for ways to screw over your opponent. Here are a few ways to decimating foes with Shuckle:


The first, and probably most favored way to battle with Shuckle is with Power Trick, which is when Shuckle's Defense and Attack stats switch, making Shuckle into the game's slowest, yet most bone-breakingly powerful sweeper. A simple Double-Edge from a Power Trick Shuckle can bring down most Ubers in one hit.

This is an unorthodox way of fighting with it though, despite the popular (By his standards) usage. It makes him way too frail, and since he's slow, it needs Trick Room Support. Best used in a gimmicky Doubles strategy.


The next way, and the most recommended, if you ask me, is the ShuckHax strategy. Believe it or not, this is the tiered metagame's only viable AND legal Hax set (Garchomp and other veilers don't count).

The set entails trapping the foe with Wrap, inducing Toxic, and spamming Mud-Slap. Use Rest when HP is low, and reuse Wrap when needed. This is a great way to cut down a tough sweeper or a dedicated tank, seeing as they can't escape, barely hit you, and barely weaken you. Use a Chesto Berry with Rest if you want.


The next, and probably most flexible way of using Shuckle, was recently introduced in Black & White: Power Split. Power Split will add the total of Shuckle's and his opponent's Attack stats together to make a total. This total is divided evenly in half, and shared among the two. The first thing you're thinking is, "Oh my God! My Shuckle has 170+ Attack now! Let's go kill stuff!". Don't.

170 Attack points is about the equivalent base 45 Attack. Even with a stronger Pokemon, the highest you'll likely get is 200, which is about 55 base. Use this cut to the advantage of walling. Your opponent's Attack stat likely went from a base 100+ to about a base 50 or 60; abuse that like crazy with Walling moves like Toxic, Stockpile, and Gyro Ball (For Taunt's sake). With this massive drop in power, the opposing sweeper will barely do any damage to you. This set is a great way to wall well, while making up for Shuckle's extremely low HP. This will also likely become Shuckle's new staple.

These are the three best ways for using Shuckle. Whichever one you choose will have its share of flaws, but keep trying different items, try switching moves around, maybe try centering your team more around it.

All of these things will definitely help your mold-based turtle survive the blood-stained lands of the metagame.

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Wouldn't leftovers be a good item?
I never got into details about items, really. Leftovers is pretty good for longtime wall strategies like ShuckHax, seeing as it doesn't have as much to worry about with Rest and Mud-Slap. I still like Chesto Berry though, because I use Shuckle as a one-shot deal due to Mud-Slap's 16 PP.

I feel that Leftovers is likely more suited for the Power Split Shuckle, since it shouldn't have Rest on it. It will need some form of recovery.
How can you get a shuckle with trick room?
On a trick room team meaning he doesn't have it somebody else does
I don't think you can. You need Trick Room Support, meaning other Pokemon who have used Trick Room previously.
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You can use power split to make the foe share its attack and sp. attack with your shuckle, then you can use the move you want with better base attack than 5.

i hope I helped


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