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Lilligant and Audino (and well Smeargle cause he can learn anything) are the only ones who can learn both role play and entrainment. This way you can copy (almost) any ability and give it to (almost) any other Pokemon, there should be tons of strategies that can make really good use of this yet when you look at moveset suggestions you can't find any. Why is this? (I know this Lilligant and Audino can only learn these moves in ORAS, still I think that it gives them a bit more value)

Of course there are others who can do something similar like Chimecho (skill swap entrainment) and others that need better timing, strategy and requires more skill not to mention that they are riskier. Furfrou (role play mimic (to me Mimic is like a second rate sketch)), Mr Mime role play, copycat, mimic skill swap) and Sigilyph (skill swap mirror move) Alakazam and Hypno (role play skill swap) or lots of Pokemon (skill swap)

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The problem is that your strategy takes two turns to set up. During those two turns, the opponent can easily taunt the Lilligant/Audino/Smeargle or knock out the Pokemon that's supposed to receive the ability. Because of the prevalence of multi-target moves in doubles, it's pretty easy to knock out both the Lilligant/Audino/Smeargle AND whatever was supposed to receive the ability. This is why the strategy is useless against almost all experienced players (though it is fun to use on noobs).

Not to mention it takes up two moveslots, so it would need to be the defining strategy of the Pokémon.