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With Mold Breaker Aegislash has to be careful in the X/Y metagame because if it switches in onto a fighting type move it might die.
If used correctly in NU it maybe able to sweep.
Comet Punch and Power-Up-Punch/Sky Uppercut go well together on an Iron Fist set.
Parting Shot is fairly useful against Mega-Kangaskhan.
Strom Throw is well paired with a Scarfed set or a bulky one.
Quick Guard protects it from Talonflame and those nasty Brave Birds in X/Y competitive.

So why does no one use it? Is it reliable? Can it be used efficiently?

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It is outclassed.

Why use Pangoro when you can use Conkeldurr? It has better Attack, HP and Defenses, and Guts makes opponents think twice about burning it. Typing makes Pangoro immune to Psychic, but gives it a nasty weakness to Fairy.
Even with Mold Breaker Fighting type moves won't hit Aegislash, and in Shield Form it can take a non STAB Earthquake and retaliate back with Sacred Sword. You're in even bigger trouble if it is Weakness Policy.
Power-Up Punch and Sky Uppercut are OK, I guess. Parting Shot isn't really useful. Even with CS, Pangoro is still outsped by the faster Pokés of X and Y. You protected yourself from Brave Bird. Yay. Now what? Talonflame's just going to use BB again.
So overall, Pangoro just isn't really viable in X and Y Wi-Fi battles, but it does OK in the lower tiers on Showdown.

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What crimson said is correct but there is still a use for it, and that is that it gets false swipe and scrappy (to catch ghost types) and also mold breaker and thief (to get black sludge from grimer/muk) but competitively it is outclassed