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Probably a bit too many to list. I know you can get two bikes though so it won't really matter if you don't expect an obstacle.

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Granite Cave - Muddy Slopes
Route 111 - Muddy Slopes
Jagged Path - Muddy Slopes and Stumps
119 - White Rails and Muddy Slopes
Safari Zone - Muddy Slopes, White Rails, and Stumps
Lilycove City - Stumps
Shoal Cave - Muddy Slopes

Thats all I found

Source: 45 mins of running around Hoenn.

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I couldn't find exact objects and locations but here's what I found:
Acro bike:
- Route 119 (white rails)
-Safari zone (white rails)
Mach bike:
- Granite cave (muddy slopes)
- Sky pillar (cracked tiles)
Hope I helped.