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I have a swellow with perfect IVs in HP, sp. atk, and speed ; I also have a ditto with perfect defense and sp.df..if I give swellow a destiny knot is there any way I can get a maxed IV Swellow?


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Yes, you can.

The Destiny Knot guarantees that 5 IVs from Either Parent is transferred to the offspring.

The only thing in your way is how many eggs you need to hatch to get the max IV Swellow. Heres a tip, since your Swellow is currently perfect in 3IVs, hatch until you get a Taillow with 4 IVs, then swap out the parent for the 4IV. Repeat for a 5IV then getting the 6IV will only be a matter of time.


Hope I helped!

Thanks, that gave me motivation. But I've hatched about 30 eggs and every one has only had 1 IV..am I doing something wrong?
Which IVs the Destiny Knot passes is left entirely up to luck, so it might be passing the IVs you don't want constantly. Best thing to do is just keep trying.
There are also the Power items, such as the Power Anklet, Power Bracer, etc. which are useful for breeding. Each one represents a stat, and if you equip the item on a Pokemon, the IVs in that stat will be passed down 100% of the time. So if Swellow or Ditto have IVs in a statthat you're particularly interested in, put the correct item on it and you'll always get the good IV in the stat. Of course, make sure the Destiny Knot is still on one of the Pokemon since it is going to be more useful in general.
Okay, I gave ditto the power item so it's always 100%  sp. defense, but I haven't got one IV that swellow has. I'm kinda clueless when it comes to breeding, so is there something I can do?