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I already have Flying-type coverage (No Bug/Flying). I barely use Bug types and want to try it out.

Rest of the team:
Magnemite (May be a Magneton)
Slowpoke (Soon to be evolved)

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enter image description here


A handy little guy to have on your team. You can get it pretty early in the game and has a pretty diverse learnset

enter image description here

Again, easy to access but slightly less viable. Learnset is pretty limited.

enter image description here

Powerful and a good niche on the team. But extremely hard to get your hands on one.

[email protected] Berry

-Close Combat/Brick Break
-Rock Slide/ Stone Edge/Aerial Ace
-Strength/Night Slash/Bulk Up

[email protected] Sash/Salac Berry

-Poison Jab
-Swords Dance

[email protected] Zoom Lense/Life Orb

-Swords Dance
-Stone Edge/Rock Slide

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I know this is for in game so you don't have to have the items
Heracross looks good. Ima watch der sprite 0_0 <--- Eternally watchful
O_0 to you too :P