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What are all of the items used for breeding, and what is there purpose? I already know Destiny Kot (passes down IVs) and Everstone (passes down Nature), but are there any more? Specifically, is there an item that passes down the parent's gender or gives the baby the opposite gender?


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Destiny Knot - Passes down 5IVs between the parebts

Everstone -Passes Nature of the Pokemon holding it

Power Anklet-Garauntees a speed IV

Power Band-Garauntees an IV in SpD

Power Belt-Garauntees a Defence IV

Power Brace - Garauntees an IV in Attack

Power Lens-Garauntees an IV in SpA

Power Weight-Garauntees an IV in HP

Oval Charm - Increases likelihood of an egg being produced

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The Power Items don't guarantee a perfect IV in that stat, they guarantee that the IV of that Stat is passed down.
Uh, the Shiny Charm is a Key item, it can't be held by a Pokémon. Anyway, its purpose is to increase the Shiny rate
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Unfortunately, there is no item that passes down gender.
Aside from the Destiny Knot and the Everstone, the Power Weight, Lens, Band, Bracer, Anklet, and Belt, collectively known as "EV-enhancing items" or "the Power Items," are guaranteed to pass down one IV in the stat of the EV that it boosts. If that makes sense. For example, when I was trying to breed a Pumpkaboo for Trick Room, I used a Power Anklet (which normally boosts Speed EVs) to pass down the parent's Speed IV, which was zero. Using the Power items was basically the only reliable way to IV breed before Gen VI.