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So I was playing Alpha Sapphire, I got to the Cave of Origin, I weakened the Kyogre till it had 1 HP left, I threw my best Poke-Ball, my Ultra Ball, and then it said this: "Aww! It appeared to be caught!" . I threw all the other kinds, but it burst out every time. Help?

Get timer balls

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You're just really unlucky

Just keep soft resetting your game(if you don't know how to soft reset, it's L+R+Select) until you finally catch it. Buttons don't do anything, btw. I hate when you try to catch legendaries, it takes too long :P. If you're getting really tired of using ball after ball after ball, just end it using the master ball after you soft reset once more, so you don't lose your ultra balls.

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There is nothing wrong with it; legendary Pokémon are supposed to be difficult to catch. There is only about a 6% chance that an Ultra Ball will catch a Kyogre at 1 HP. It's not at all unusual for people to throw over twenty balls at a legendary Pokémon before they successfully catch it.

To improve your chances, try using Dusk Balls (which are considerably more effective than Ultra Balls in caves and at night) or Timer Balls (which become more effective the longer the battle goes on, reaching their maximum potential on the eleventh turn of the battle). Putting Kyogre to sleep will help considerably; if you can't put it to sleep, paralyzing it will also help, but not as much.

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