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252SpA / 128 SpD / 128 Spe.Would it be good? Or full SpD and 4 Spe with Icy Wind be better?

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Hmm, Mr Mime sits in the base 90 Speed tier

Which I feel is quite an important benchmark for speed, and Mr Mime tends to run Calm Mind Baton Pass sets with Encore to stop setup sweepers, so it needs all the speed it can get. I feel that max investment in speed is the way to go in order to outspeed base 100 speed Pokemon without a positive speed nature like Charizard.

EDIT: For an Assault Vest set I don't really think you are outspeeding anything relevant with the 128 Speed, so I suggest running full investment in Special Defense in order to get a bigger boost from Assault Vest.

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Bulky set in mono fairy with no teirs. Also assaualt vest so no status moves.
No teirs as in I bring seviper to ou.
Thanks. Icy wind doubles helps with speed
I see. By tiers I mean Speed tiers, not Smogon tiers (as in not OU / UU and stuff)