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I know that 1 digit is moomoo milk - my froakie got 2 digits and I gotva pp up. Can't remember 100% weather it was 2 digits though :|

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One digit: Moomoo Milk
Two digits: PP Up
Three digits: PP Max
Four digits: Rare Candy
Five digits: Master Ball


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if I remember correctly from the old hoen region games (as my name suggests I have a lot of hoen info) the best prize is the master ball with all digits matching, only had this happen to me once. just checked on bulbagarden and my previous statement is correct. if you have three matching it USED to be an exp share but since you only need one for your entire team now Im not sure what it is now though. for four it is a max revive
1digit=Moomoo milk
2digit=pp up
3digit=unknown item, might be a macho brace or power item
4digit=max revive
5digit=master ball