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The Hau-oli City Lottery (which is what I assume you are referring to) offers you a daily chance at these prizes depending on the ID numbers of your Pokemon:

One Number: Moomoo Milk
Two Numbers: PP Up
Three Numbers: PP Max
Four Numbers: Rare Candy
Five Numbers: Master Ball


There's also another lottery in the game, the shops in your Festival Plaza. This lottery chooses the prizes randomly.
The different styles of Stores will give different top prizes and the higher the rank of the store, the more likely you get the higher prize

"Big Dreams":

Prize #1- Master Ball
Prize #2- Rare Candy
Prize #3- PP Max
Prize #4- PP Up
Prize #5- Max Revive
Prize #6- Max Elixer
Prize #7- Max Ether
Prize #8- Ultra Ball
Prize #9- Full Heal
Prize #10- Berry Juice

"Gold Rush":
Prize #1- Big Nugget
Prize #2- Nugget

Prizes 3-10 are the same as Big Dreams.

"Treasure Hunt":
Prize #1- Gold Bottle Cap
Prize #2- Bottle Cap

again the rest of the prizes are the same.


And that's all of the lottery prizes!

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