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I'm in Castelia City and the gym Leader is pretty hard, so I'll need a good one.

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Why not Darmanitan? You can get Darumaka in the desert north of Castelia, which you can access before you beat the gym. Darumaka itself is pretty strong, you don't need to evolve it.

Aside from that, the only options I can think of are:
- Victini, from the wifi event, which is pretty awesome (almost too easy)
- Blitzle, which learns Flame Charge fairly early.
- Pansear, which you get for free if you chose Oshawott as your starter, or in shaking grass in Pinwheel Forest. May take a while though.

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Dude, find a wireless hotspot and get your hands on that Victini. Victini is a very potent threat early on in the game, and can easily KO the Bug Pokemon with Incinerate, and kill the 'Pede Poison/Bug types with Confusion.

This isn't to say that Victini is broken in-game, because it isn't. A slow Experience rate paired with (fairly mediocre) dual STAB that will only have about 50 Base Power until the late 40's (Stuck with Flame Charge and Confusion for the majority of the game, unless you find some good TMs) dramatically dumbs down Victini's 100 offenses.

If not though, take the Darumaka just for that gym battle. Using a Pokemon only once to make a gym battle easier is no big showing of shame or anything (Hell, I dropped four of my Pokemon so far). Just keep your team flexible, because frankly, a Fire-type isn't required for a good team, nor is any specific type.

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You can get simisear or heatmor are good pokémons.

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He's saying not darumaka and it's evolution because it's only found at route 4. I think victini (wi-fi event), pansear or simisear (only obtained by the girl in the dreamyard if you choose oshawott or in pinwheel forest shaking grass), blitzle can learn flame charge, and tepig/pignite (hope you choose it!)

Hope This Helps

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