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I have my Swampert, here are it's basics (What I know as of current)
Swampert (Muffinator) @Swampertite
Ability: Torrent (Starter)
- Surf
- Rain Dance
- Hydro Cannon
- Mud Bomb
The reason i'm replacing surf (Or had surf in the first place) Is I didn't have a Surf/Dive/Waterfall HM slave until now.
What is a good move to replace Surf and make Swampert viable to continue for my E4 quest in ORAS


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Remove Hydro Pump

This is the answer you probably don't expect but here's why. Hydro Canon is less reliable than Surf and you have to recharge the next turn. A turn that could decide a tight situation. Keep Surf as you seem more special at the moment, although Swampert is more physical based.
Remove Hydro-Pump and replace with maybe Hammer Arm or Brick Break. If you still want to go special Focus Blast will do.

Replacing Surf

If you still want to replace Surf I'd suggest Sludge Wave to cover for the quadruple grass weakness. You probably won't be able to before the E4 but try get Ice Punch on youe Swampert. Stone-Edge Or Earthquake would do OK as well.

A Moveset you might want to try out later :

Swampe[email protected]
Ability: Torrent

-Earthquake (STAB Good power and accuracy)
-Waterfall (STAB Good power Accuracy and plus flinch Chance)
-Ice Punch (Coverage for that Grass Weakness)
-Hammer Arm/Stone Edge (General Filler move)

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I have earthquake, and i'll probably replace hydro cannon w/ earthquake.
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Waterfall, baby.

Waterfall is the go-to water STAB for every Swampert ever. It has wicked power when combined with Mega Swampert's Attack stat, and has overworld potential too. Also, if you want some more suggestions, replace Mud Bomb with Earthquake, a much better move in general. It can be found in Seafloor Cavern (right before you find Maxie/Archie reviving Groudon/Kyogre), 9th floor. Source.

aqua tail... get wreaked
Aqua Tail misses… trolled by Giga Drain… commence rage.
Waterfall gets a nice flinch chance too...
Dragonite... Get wreaked
@Hoen King *get rekt* optional "m8"
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two words: aqua tail. another two. MUST HAVE

i now relize my stupidity