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I am currently running Poison Fang on my Sharpedo, because of the 50% chance to Toxic Poison, yet haven't had much success. I know Poison Fang covers Grass and Fairy weaknesses, but is there better.

The Moves I currently have:
Waterfall (powerful STAB)
Protect (free speed before mega-evolving with Speed Boost)
Destiny Bond (unexpected, good troll move)
Poison Fang (want to change it)

So, should I keep or replace Poison Fang?


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Crunch all the things!

Seriously though, Crunch is Sharpedo's best STAB (better than Waterfall, in my opinion), and if you want to Mega Evolve it, Crunch's power soars to jaw-dropping levels do to Strong Jaw. It also covers Psychic and Ghost, and is an all-around awesome move.

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