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So flame orb burns your Pokemon and cut in half your Pokemon attack but Pokemon with Guts get +50% attack if burn,poison or paralysis. So my questions is if a Pokemon with guts gets burn will it they get a Boost of 50% or will there attack stay the same( -50% from burn and +50% from guts)

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Guts negates the effect of burn halving your attack.
So a boost of 50% occurs to your attack, no reduction from burn at all.

It works in a similar fashion to the ability Quick Feet - that increases your speed by 1.5x when you're paralyzed, and ignores the normal speed drop which should occur.

Here's a quote from Bulbapedia in response to Luna's answer.
>The Attack drop from burn does not occur.

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Source and maybe a battle video showing a pokemon with guts actully those more damage with burn
Lol no.
The paragraph under "Effect"
So pokemon with Guts do get a boost if burn?
Lol k, and yes Shy Guy.
Okay thanks