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My g/f surprised me with a childhood memory of getting me a DS for my bday. I was overjoyed! I could now play some of the games I grew up with on the DS, one being the best Nintendo hand-held game of all time, Pokemon. Everything is perfect about this game. Now here's the question...

I've been out of it for a few years and literally playing through Platinum felt like a brand new experience and I enjoyed and still am enjoying every minute of it. My question is, though, how do I get some good training done before Pokemon League? I'm in Victory Road, trying to make it out (not using a map, I wanna figure it out on my own), but the only types that show up for training are one's in caves. So for instance my Luxray cannot use his electric moves on these fiends thus the only one that is reaching his goal of level 65 before the League is my Empoleon.

Another kicker is, I sit here and see some of the trades that people want, which are ridiculous, putting up level 10s or 15s and want level 100s??? First, why would someone trade a level 15 Pokemon for a level 100? Second how are these people getting their Pokemon to level 100?

I appreciate the help guys, but none the less Pokemon still remains an amazing adventure. 15 amazing years and still counting, also got White and have started a game on it until I get unstuck on Platinum.

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you have a lvl.65 Empoleon! wow I have a lvl 93 Empoleon! and I haven't even got to Victory Road!And now I'm in Surivival Area And ALL my pokemon are now lvl.70 or Higher.

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For the training of Luxray, try surfing around and shocking the water types. An easy win for EXP. Or try fishing IN Victory Road.

Also, I'll tell what's IN the Pokemon league, to help.
The elite four:
The first is Aaron, a Bug type trainer. Don't use Empoleon because Water types don't drown them. Fire or Flying types work best.
The second is Bertha, the Ground type trainer. Save Empoleon for her pokemon. Don't try and use Luxray. Grass types work well too.
Flint is third, the Fire type. Use Empoleon there too, though Luxray won't completely fail there either. Avoid Grass, Bug and Ice types there.
Fourth is Lucian, who uses Psychic types. Don't use Fighting types, theyr'e hopless against his Pokemon. Try Dark types, but most other types can survive too.
Last and CERTAINLY not least is Cynthia, the Champion. She has Garchomp, Spiritomb, Molotic and alot of other tough pokemon. She usualy uses Spiritomb first, so avoid Normal types.

I hope my advice helps, good luck. and Good luck on White aswell.

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okay lets start!

if you have to get high levels try using the vs seeker on route 212 near the manor. there are two trainers . one gentleman and Socialite . they have a chatot and roselia of level 65 (after beating the 2 to 3 times) they give much cash out and they are good training partners.i used them to get my Pokemon to level 100 now my team it infernape , empoleon , golem , garchomp , roserade , giratina and all level 100

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