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I want a lapras with Adamant, loves to eat so right now I'm doing this
male lapras with loves to eat destiny knot
female Lapras Adamant everstone
Am I doing anything wrong?
To get a moveset of

Item: leftovers
Ev: 126 Attack 126hp 126 def 130 sp def
Nature: Adamant
Characteristic: Loves to eat
Ability: Water absorb

  • Aqua tail
  • Curse
  • ice shard
  • Avalanche

2 Answers

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Destiny Knot

The Destiny Knot does not do anything in breeding in HGSS it was only introduced in XY. So if you're wondering why you aren't getting good IVs this is probably why.

Power Weight

Try finding out your Parents HP IVs by using an IV Calculator. Give the parent with the highest HP IV a Power Weight as EV Enhancing Items will pass down a HP IV to the Offspring.
If the Adamant female Lapras is the only adamant one, give the Power Weight to the other Pokemon breeding with her.

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Everything you've stated will work fine; the characteristic could be passed down differently though.

Firstly, the Destiny Knot does not work pre-XY anyway, but the Destiny Knot would pass down IVs from both parents, so that wouldn't work. If your Male Lapras has a high HP IV (hence getting the 'Loves to Eat' characterestic) then letting it hold the Power Weight might be a good idea.

Also, Lapras can only learn Curse through an egg move. So get your male Lapras to have the move Curse as well.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/131.shtml and Experience