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I heard a rumor and didn't see a question about it. So here you go :D!

thnx, flygawn! :D

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If I may, when a Pokémon is bred from a luxury ball, it's offspring will also be contained within a luxury ball, which leads to that Pokémon becoming more friendly more easily. I hope this clarified what you were looking for. Have a wonderful day.

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When a Pokémon is hatched from an Egg, its value is set to 120.

The Description of a Luxury Ball :

A particularly comfortable Poké Ball that makes a wild Pokémon quickly
grow friendlier after being caught.- Serebii

I don't think Hatched Pokemon qualify as Wild Pokemon.

I feel like my question wasn't actually answered '-'
I don't have a Source to prove this and I'm doing this Logically, so if this isn't the case just tell me.
The Description of a Luxury Ball refers to it as a a Wild Pokemon and Eggs aren't really Wild Pokemon.
Plus an egg's Happiness is set to 120 when hatched.
The closest source is this :http://www.gamefaqs.com/3ds/696959-pokemon-x/answers/366719-does-a-luxury-balls-effect-get-passed-on-through-breeding

However there are pending answers