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If one was to hack a Shedinja with Camouflage and Recycle and had a Lum berry with the following scenario... what would happen? I think it would be never happen unless you had hacked Shedinja's types but without hacking types here is the scenario....... first Shedinja uses Camouflage to transform into a dark type then gets hit by Trick-or-Treat to become Dark/Ghost type... you pretty much know what happens from here Dark/Ghost has no weakness and as long as Shedinja's your lead so it can't get killed from spikes remembering to Recycle if hit with Toxic or get Burned what would happen?

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Dark/Ghost is weak to Fairy typing
If you have the time to do all that, why not skill swap onto a sableye who can now only get hit by fairy types?
^ Wonder Guard can't be Skill Swapped
Just hack one with sturdy instead, and give it lum berry + recycle if you must.
I just realized that Shedninja can't even learn Camouflage; and if it did, it can't transform into a dark type.

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It wouldn't work.

I'm going to point out some details you were incorrect about:

  • Forest's Curse does not turn a Pokemon into Ghost-type, but a Grass-type. Perhaps you meant Trick-or-Treat.
  • Dark/Ghost used to have no weakness up until Gen 6, when Fairy-type was introduced. Pokemon like Sableye and Spiritomb now has a new vulnerability to Fairy attacks.

So even if such a Shedinja transformed into a Dark/Ghost-typed 'mon, Fairy attacks could still murder it.

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hahahah.... lol keep forgetting bout' Fairy types... :(
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The following could happen:
You get hit by a super effective move before you manage to set up, killing Shedinja of.
Forest Curse turns you into a Grass type, meaning you will be weak to Fire, Bug, Ice, Poison, Flying, Fighting and Fairy moves, so once one of those hit you your Shedinja gets killed of.
Your opponent use a status move like Toxic, killing Shedinja of (if you manage to pull of the Recycle you'll run out of PP eventually)
Your opponent summons Hail/Sandstorm, killing Shedinja of.
Your opponent uses a phasing moves, then uses a entry hazard, killing Shedinja.
Your opponent have a Pokemon with Mold Breaker use any move, killing Shedinja.
Your opponent also hacks his Pokemon so that it could use all the aforementioned strategies, killing Shedinja of.

Your opponent let you set up, and you kill his/hers entire team.

Overall there are just to many things that can go wrong for this illegal Shedinja set to be remotely viable. The biggest flaw is that Forest Curse makes you a Grass type, not a Ghost type, meaning this strategy will actually allow more attacks to hit and kill you. The set is a gimmick that won't yield and spectacular result, but might work against really inexperienced trainers.

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For weather conditions, Shedninja could have a Safety Goggles to combat that; but I agree with your other points.