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Are all the legends in ORAS shiny locked? If select ones can you give them to me?

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What if some aren't known yet?

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This isn't 100% approved, but so far these are the current shinies that are not Shiny-locked:

Beast trio (Suicune, Raikou, Entei) (OR AS) - SR-able
Ho-oh (OR) & Lugia (AS) - SR-able
Regi trio (OR AS) - SR-able
Latios (OR) & Latias (AS) - SR-able - Eon ticket [email protected] (OR AS) - SR-able
Groudon (OR) & Kyorge (AS) - Unknown (doubted by many)
Rayquaza (OR AS) - Unknown (doubted by many)
Deoxys (OR AS) - Unknown - non-confirming picture here
Lake trio (Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie) (OR AS) - SR-able
Dialga (AS) & Palkia (OR) - SR-able
Giratina (OR AS) - SR-able
Heatran (OR AS) - SR-able
Regigigas (OR AS) - SR-able (YESSSSSS!!! XD)
Cresselia (OR AS) - SR-able
Genie trio - Tornadus (OR) , Thundurus (AS) - SR-able - Landorus (OR AS) - SR-able
Sword trio (Vrizion, Cobalion, Terrakion) (OR AS) - SR-able
Reshiram (OR) & Zekrom (AS) - SR-able
Kyurem (OR AS) - SR-able


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These 3 are definitely confirmed to be Shiny locked

There is a chance that Deoxys is but its not certain.
There is a picture from Tumbler however.
enter image description here

This and various boards on the Internet

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