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This amy seem like a bit of a morbid question, but I've been intrigued ever since learning that Archie killed Maxie in the Hoenn manga. I've heard that the manga is meant for an older audience than the games or anime, which is why I'm not surprised. Is there a list somewhere containing every officially deceased charcter/Pokémon in the manga, and their circumstances? Just a link is fine, if you don't feel like typing it out.

Isn't that the Anime though?
Yeah thats the anime though...
I think that the only person that stayed dead was Maxie, but I'm not sure
Pretty sure Pryce died too
Well pryce never died he was just in the middle of time and space.In the hgss ark he comes back to stop the rampaging legends due to celebi bringing him back

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Many characters did die ,like Norman, Steven, Maxie, and Courtney or whatever, but everyone of them besides Maxie stayed alive due to Ruby's Celebi saving their lives in the RS manga, in FRLG Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Silver were all turned to stone and in the Emerald ark was brought back. Also in the Emerald ark Archie dies ,so the only ones that stayed dead in the 3rd generation arks was Archie and Maxie

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hope this helped and sorry for spoilers
This helped, and I don't mind the spoilers, but I was hoping for an actual list of names, not just "that one Team Magma girl". It's a good answer, but not a complete one.
Sorry m8 i forgot her name she wasn't that interesting compared to the others
Pryce in GSC arc - dropped into the crack in time, but brought back by Celebi.
Oh yeah Orm in the FR/LG manga died i believe as well
Yeah well Pryce came back though therefore he never stayed dead @ Skynet
And actually, in the ORAS chapter, Archie and Maxie actually come back (Spoilers!Sorry!) and they die with poor Amber and Blaise watching their deaths.However they get the Mega Anchor and Mega Glasses respectively.And I don’t know how, but Norman and Steven come back in ORAS.Sorry for spoilers