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I believe that Pokemon x and y manga is on this website, if not, tell me and I'll look some more.

As far as I know, the popular online manga reading sites don't have Pokemon Adventures XY. Mangahere has Pokemon Adventures from Red and Blue to Black and White but not XY. I would suggest going to the library to borrow the copies, if you have access to one or requesting the library staff to purchase copies if possible.

I don't believe this answers your question, which is why it's a comment instead.
Thanks for the suggestion. I have already check many sites including mangahere and they don t have any xy manga but I read online the vol.1
I didn t find in that site but thanks for the help.
PS: I don t understand how they have the oras manga and the xy no
You know, you can probaly just find one at your local library.

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http://pokespexy.tumblr.com/ Here we go!

It's a tumblr blog which started translating Pokemon XY manga (After Lavender Scanlations stopped) based on the summaries written by some guy who's name I don't remember. I used to read from here!

But you won't be able to find the real Viz English translations online.