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Apparently there I saw an extra of the Pokespe sometime ago in Instagram (I think?), where there is a single panel of Cyrus holding a Shaymin. Cyrus is smiling with the words "Be grateful at all times" Written beside of him. If I recall correctly, Cyrus also has a Gracidea tucked between one of his ear, but I'm not so sure about this one. I think that panel is cute and I wanted to see it again, but I forgot where is it from...

Can somebody please link me the image? I'm dying just to see it again "_") It's a rare occasion to see Cyrus smiling xD

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Pocket Monsters DP
A Shaymin appeared in PMDP44.

(Japanese: ピッピ流スカイフォルム完成!? Pippi-style Sky Form, Perfected!?) is the forty-fourth chapter of the Pocket Monsters DP manga.

What you saw was likely from the Pokémon DP Manga called "Pokemon Adventures"

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Hope this helped!

Thank you very much! This image is my serotonin well :)

Edit: Btw, I knew about Pokemon Adventures and am reading it currently.
i added the images you were talking about too sksksksk np