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The other Pokemon are

-rough skin jolly garchomp @ rocky helmet

-flash fire mild [email protected] lens
-scrappy jolly mega kangaskhan
-steadfast naive mixed sweeper [email protected] policy
-modest [email protected] belt

Please format your Pokémon like so:

[email protected] Light Ball
Ability: Static
EVs: 252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 Def
Timid Nature
- Thunderbolt
- Iron Tail
- Volt Tackle
- Thunder
What are you looking for? Fast offense or a Pokemon that can take hits but can do good damage with just one good move?
I need to know which is good, that's why I'm asking...
Why are you asking for a mega when you already have mega Kangaskhan?
I usually have 2 megas, yeah.
If you usually have two megas then this isn't a competitive team as your tag would indicate :l

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High Attack & Defense
Low Speed & Special Attack
Tyranitar is a good offensive/defensive Pokemon. If you already have both a offensive and defensive Pokemon, don't use M-Tyranitar. You could have added Quick Claw or Choice Scarf, but oh- look! The Tyrantarite blocks the way! What do you do? Don't mega evolve? Or be a slow Tyranitar?

Attack & Special Attack are equal
Defense & Special Defense are about the same; Defense is higher
Speed is horrible (base 20)
You're better off using the Prankster Moveset with normal Sableye.

Other Stuff/Opinions
In my opinion, stick with one mega; not two. M-Kangaskhan is already good; with its Parental Bond ability. The first hit full power, second hit 50%. That defeats all Focus Sash and Sturdy holders/abilities. Power-Up Punch is good for M-Kangaskhan. M-Kangaskhan is so good, it's in Ubers! It's special attack is low, but Attack, Defense, HP, Speed, and Special Defense are okay. Better than M-Tyranitar. M-Kangaskhan only has one weakness: Fighting. M-Tyranitar has six weaknesses; with Fighting being a 4x weakness. Mega Sableye has one weakness, but Fairy types are roaming around a lot these days, such as Sylveon (OU).
I'd say a regular Sableye is better then M-Sableye. With the Prankster Moveset, it's fun to troll with :D

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Mega Sabley outclasses base Sableye in just about every way :P

It has muc better defenses, an amazing ability that fits int oany team, and it keeps Prankster the turn it Mega-Evolves. I personally fire off a Will-o-Wisp when I go Mega, since it gets priority. MSableye can even survive some Moonblasts after a few Calm Minds.
Well, we all have our opinions :D

I'm a PokeNoob when it comes to this but Pokemon Showdown helps a lot
I'll go with sableye, thanks!