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I want my Swoobat to hold the Lucky Egg but he has Klutz

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EXP affecting items shouldn't be Klutz-ed...I think

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Klutz is good when you have a hindering item you can pass to the opponent. Say I have a pokemon with Toxic Orb, which poisons the holder. Since my pokemon has the ability Klutz, it won't be poisoned by the item. If I use a move like Switcheroo, then the item goes to my opponent, I get their beneficial item, and they're stuck with a useless item that poisons them.

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Thanks I'll try it
Also doesnt fling work too
Fling does not give the foe your held item, it only does damage to your foe depending on what your held item is.
But.. So far the pokemon with Klutz that can learn Switcheroo is Bunnery =(
Looking forward for more pokemon that can do this
There's also Trick and Bestow that do the same thing as Switcheroo.