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I have a few pokemon that have the evs spread out all over thier stats. So I want to lower the stats im not useing so then I can go back and bulk up the ones that matter.
Is there a way to do this?


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Yes, these berries reduce stats:
#21 Pomeg Berry (HP)
#22 Kelpsy Berry (Attack)
#23 Qualot Berry (Defense)
#24 Hondew Berry (Sp. Attack)
#25 Grepa Berry (Sp. Defense)
#26 Tamato Berry (Speed)

Berries aren't common in Black/White so you may not be able to get these ones. However, when the Dream World is opened, you are able to plant and grow berries so you should be able to get plenty of them.

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Yes,you can,there are berries that reduce EVs in a certain stat.

Are they available in black and white?