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Like a Bold -6 attack Chansey using Pound against a +6 defense bold Shuckle assuming Chansey has 0 attack EVs and Shuckle has 252 defense EVs. Is this right? Are there any others?

Something level 10 using Seismic toss or night shade against a pokemon with 100 hp
wouldnt that only need to hit 10 times :l?
Level 1 pokemon using night shade/seismic toss on hp100 pokemon lol
why do you want to know that?
My math was off

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If you had, say, a Level 1 Mr. Mime with Seismic Toss against any opponent with an HP of 100, then that would result in a 100HKO. The build would have to be:

Mr. [email protected] Leppa Berry
- Seismic Toss
- Recycle

That's all you need, really. Recycle lets you restore Seismic Toss' PP with the Leppa Berry so that you can keep whittling HP. You would also need a really weak opponent with no recovery or attacking moves.

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