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Is that even possible? No boosts please.

EDIT: I meant special moves.

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And no Psyshock.

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Most Physical STAB Fighting moves will take it out or do a huge chunk. I know that Landorus-T's Choice Band Superpower utterly destroys it.

Not many can OHKO it though, says Smogon:
>Despite Chansey's titanic defensive capabilities, physical Fighting-type attacks will still deal catastrophic damage to her, though few are capable of OHKOing the Egg Pokemon.

I was still editing, Leboss :P
Anyway, an Adamant Choice Band Infernape OHKOs, Joly ones do not. Choice Band Terrakion and OHKO with Close Combat.

Well, here's your edit.

No Special move is going to make a dent in Chansey, anyway. I took the strongest Special move possible that does damage to Chansey's defense stat, Psystrike. I gave Mewtwo a Choice Specs, made it Modest. Does not OHKO. I also took Deoxys-A with Psycho Boost. No OHKO, same setup as above. I also took a Porygon-Z with the same setup, with Hyper Beam Adaptability. No OHKO. Here are the stat calcs.

252SpAtk Choice Specs Unnerve Mewtwo (+SAtk) Psystrike vs 252HP/252Def Eviolite Chansey (+Def): 57% - 67% (405 - 477 HP). Guaranteed 2HKO.
252SpAtk Choice Specs Deoxys (+SAtk) Psycho Boost vs 252HP/252SpDef Eviolite Chansey (+SpDef): 31% - 37% (225 - 265 HP). Guaranteed 4HKO.
252SpAtk Choice Specs Adaptability Porygon-Z (+SAtk) Hyper Beam vs 252HP/252SpDef Eviolite Chansey (+SpDef): 36% - 43% (258 - 304 HP). Guaranteed 3HKO.

No OHKOs. Sorry.

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Life Orb/Band (although no one runs a Band) Close Combat coming from Infernape
Choice Band CC from Terrakion
Choice Specs Psyshock from Modest Latios
all Kill Chansey
Oops, I meant special. And no Psyshock.
Psyshock cannot OHKO chansey.
Modest Specs Cant? IMPOSSIBRU!
Jeez, that thing is bulky.