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Blissey or Chansey in weather?


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For Hail or Sand, Blissey is preferred because Leftovers negates weather buffeting.

However, for Rain and Sun, I personally prefer eviolite Chansey for more bulk. Her attack doesn't matter anyway since you can use Seismic Toss, and her HP has barely any difference.

Eviolite Chansey can actually take a physical hit or two, in addition to walling Psyshock, whereas Blissey has no chance.

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well, weather doesn't matter, but I prefer blissey. It has a high spatk, which can help in rain, sun and hail. It also has blizzard, thunder and solarbeam for almost all weather usage. But, chansey can withstand a physical hit or psyshock holding evoilite, so it is your choice

Blissey (sun)@Leftovers.

252 hp, 52def, 100 spatk, 100spdef

Solarbeam (No charge in sun)
Flamethower (Boost in sun)
Toxic (Staller)
Protect (Staller)

Blissey (rain) @Leftovers

Same EVs as above

Thunder (Great in rain)
Toxic (Well...)
Protect (Well...)
Softboiled (Heals)

Blissey (Hail) @Leftovers

Same EVs as above

Blizzard (No miss in hail, great)
Sesimic toss (Special wall?)
Toxic (...)
Protect/Softboiled (Stalls, heals)

Blissey (Sandstorm) @Leftovers

Same EVs as above

Nature Gift (Hold Apicot berry)/mud bomb (Boost in sandstorm, accuracy lowering)
Sesimic toss (...)
Toxic (...)
Protect/ softboiled (...)

Typical stalling, but with attacking