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Which one is better?

When you say "better", what exactly do you mean?
Am I better then you?
Not to mention that opinionated questions aren't yet allowed on the pokebase. :( Sorry about that, but there may be a debate section coming soon called "agree to disagree", and may be published in the DB Webzine. I'd maybe wait until that starts up and then re-suggest that as a possible topic. :D
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@Leaf: Depends on which game. HG/SS? B/W? B2/W2? Gates to Infinity? Please specify.
Pokemon Black 2

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Blissey / Chansey and Togekiss play very different roles on a competitive team. Blissey or Chansey can pretty much sponge any special attack thrown at it, and retaliate with a status move or a Seismic Toss, which will almost guaranteed do more damage to the foe. If a Blissey Holds a Chople Berry, counter suddenly becomes a great option. It will normally KO the foe unexpectedly, and possibly ruining a strategy or synergy on the opposing team. Blissey also works as a cleric with Heal bell and a great Wish passer, two unique traits Ferrothorn would kill to have. One more great thing about Blissey or Chansey is that they have instant half health recovery in Softboiled, which makes their life span much longer.

Togekiss plays more of a special tank roll on a team. One of the very unique and extremely useful qualities it has it a very annoying Paraflinch combo, a property that it only shares with Jirachi, which is OU. Togekiss being the only UU paraflincher with the Serene Grace ability makes it an all star for a stall team. Air slash, Thunder wave, and Serene Grace is the dreaded combo every team fears. Togekiss's stats are excellent, boasting an especially high special attack and special defense, while still having that physical bulk that would make Blissey way too overpowered. Togekiss also works as a cleric with Heal Bell too. If a Togekiss is leaning on the offensive side, it has the movepool to support it well, with a moveset of Thunder Wave, Air Slash, Aura Sphere, and Heal Bell or another attacking move that provides types not yet covered.

Sorry if this is kinda long, I do this when there are topics that I know lots about :P Hope I helped you make the right decision :)

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This is pretty much one of the most detailed answers I've seen on questions like these. +1 :3
Thanks but what if the Togekiss had Super Luck? :P
It still might work okay but serene grace is recommended and you can just breed a Togekiss with a Ditto to get one with serene grace.
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A blissey or a Chansey with eviolite is a great defencive wall, and can do massive damage with Counter (egg move). Togekiss has more evenly distributed defences and has more attack than Blissey. But, keep in mind softboiled. If you want a wall, use Blissey, if you want a Tank, use togekiss. I hope this helps! :)

Thanks! ^^
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I recomend togekiss more because of this stragety
make sure togekiss has serene grace
it has to have air slash and t-wave
use t-wave on the oponment
use air slash (which has a 60% chance of flinching with serene grace)

I hope I helped

If Togekiss had Super Luck instead of Serene Grace then would you still use it? Or should I just get a new Togekiss with Serene Grace? And thanks for the answer! :)