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I have tried pokemon indigo(and I can't find it)and some other ones, which were rubbish(there was one that used status moves as normal attack moves and one that could make your pokemon use any tm).

P.S it has to be an adventure pokemon game,so you can train your pokemon , not like shoddy battle, shoddy battle is still a good game, but it has no real challenge.

P.S.S some online pokemon games have been closed down by nintendo, for copyright.

At one point, l've been trying to find the same thing.
lt's really hard, the same site keeps popping up when l was searching for one before, www.pokemonworldonline.com (PWO)
l'm not sure if it's good, because they require you to take some dumb quiz to 'make sure you're human' before you register or something, augh.
Or maybe that was the site that always had maintenance in registering. Whatever, l say stick to regular Pokemon games, :)
I also tried PWO but as far as I got was downloading the 'game" but never could register.  They had way too many people either botting or finding other ways to cheat.  I hope that eventually Nintendo will make a game where you could travel to any of the current lands during the storyline and have access to all Pokemon including the Event Pokemon.  The only way it would be online is if they went the Wii route.
I tried pwo but I can't download the game
Is anyone else going to answer?

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Just to let you know, DT is making an online Pokemon game with members of the Pokemondb in it. It isn't done yet, but that will be a game to play when it comes out!

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REALLY? yay!!! good luck DT, although hopefully it doesn't get blocked/closed by nintendo
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Try Pokemon Vortex. Its not fantastic and couldnt hold a candle to the DS games but it's adictive.

Not really I tried the game, it was alright I guess, but buying a move?! I haven't played very long, but do you learn moves via level up?

P.S I battled a smeargle(lvl 16 or 14) with a weak pokemon(lvl6 or 8) and smeargle had fire punch,splash and tackle!? I thought I could beat it and gain easy exp and my weak pokemon was a bug type!!!this game I quite annoying so far.