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I am trying to breed ralts, but I keep getting male ones. But I don't believe its that my luck cause I have been breeding for 1 week, and majority of them are males. I even soft resetted (before I got the egg) to see if it was pure bad luck, and I still get males. Not sure why is it so but if you know what happened, or if you know what determines a offspring's gender, plz help.

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This is pure bad luck.

Ralts has a 50/50 male to female gender ratio, meaning that if you keep breeding soon enough you will get a male.

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if you're soft resetting just before you get the egg, you've already sealed that egg's fate. it is explained in this video
I've used this method to get 6 perfect IV Bellsprout and Zubat, so I know it works. In simple terms, you reset everything about the next egg every time you take the current egg (or tell the daycare man to take it). This is why you keep getting males, it's the same male.

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He says he soft-deserted BEFORE he got the egg, meaning it's not the same egg.
Actually, yes it is. Watch the video and take note: all stats, including gender are hard saved the moment you take the previous egg, not when you take the current egg. That is why you can soft reset, change parents, and get the same IV's AND gender (assuming the gender ratio is the same). Try it for yourself on a bad ratio i.e. if you get a female charmander