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I have been training my eevee at night when the game shows stars but no mater what I do I only get sylveon.


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There are different requirements to get Umbreon and Sylveon, you just have to know what they are and avoid the ones for Sylveon if you want to evolve it into Umbreon. So lets take a look:

To get Umbreon:

  • Raise Eevee to Max Happiness.
  • Level it up at Night time.

To get Sylveon:

  • Play with Eevee in Poke Amie and gain at least 2 hearts of affection.
  • Level up Eevee while it knows a FAIRY TYPE move.

So to avoid getting Sylveon, just dont teach Eevee a fairy type move. Also happiness is different from affection, so you can't get max happiness while playing in Amie. That's a common mistake people make.

Thanks, I thought it was the same thing and that you needed to max eevee out to get Sylveon but then I kept getting sylveon with only 2 hearts and I got confused.
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Well, you're probably doing something wrong with your eevee. Just check your Eevee if they have met the requirements for it to evolve into Slyveon.

Requirements for Eevee > Slyveon:

  • Have 2 or more hearts of affection in Poke Amie
  • Have The Eevee with at least 1 Fairy Type Move

Make sure that they don't have a fairy type move while it has 2 or more hearts of affection, this will trigger it to make Eevee turn into Slyveon. Affection is commonly mistaken as happiness. These will be the requirements for the Eevee to turn into Umbreon.

Requirements for Eevee > Umbreon:

  • Level it up at Night Time in-game
  • Raise the Eevee's happiness to max happiness.

So, make sure you have met all of the requirements for Eevee to turn into Umbreon and try to be away from the requirements for Eevee to turn into Slyveon. For more information, try going to the Eevee's page and see how Eevee turns into Umbreon. If you want the fairy move, just try to be away from Poke Amie and get it to max affection once you evolve it into Umbreon.

Thank you for the information