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Right, so I know you can only get a Speed Boost Scolipede from a friend safari. But I noticed on this site that it states Scolipede has 2 Hidden Abilities, Quick Feet and Speed Boost. My question is about that.

How is the hidden ability worked out?

Does it rely on the same chances as a normal ability when deciding between the two hidden ones?

Or was Quick Feet its old Hidden ability, but was then swapped in favour of Speed Boost?

Also, can breeding a Speed Boost Scolipede get you a Quick Feet one (or vice-versa)?

Would you be able to use an Ability Capsule on a Hidden Ability Scolipede to change from Quick Feet to Speed Boost?

And lastly, if Quick Feet was Scolipedes old Hidden Ability and was swapped out in favour of Speed Boost, does that make a Quick Feet Scolipede technically illegitimate in competitive battling or untradable on the GTS?

I'm sorry for the barrage of questions, but I'm just a bit confused about this Pokemon, and I don't have one myself to experiment.


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There was a change in Scolipede's HA.

In Gen V, Scolipede's Hidden Ability (or Dream World abilty, as it was called then) was Quick Feet. When the transition from Gen V to Gen VI occurred, Scolipede's HA changed from Quick Feet to Speed Boost. It does not have two Hidden Abilties, it merely had one replaced for the other. This also happened for Chandelure and some others.

In answer to your other questions:

1) You cannot breed Speed Boost Scolipede to get Quick Feet (obviously)

2) Ability Capsule does not affect Hidden Abilites

3) Quick Feet Scolipede is now considered illegitimate and is treated as a hacked Pokémon.

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Thanks for clearing that up. So any old Quick Feet Scolipedes will get their ability automatically changed to Speed Boost on transferring to 6th Gen?
Yup :)