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I was looking at my Pokemon cards from around 2007 and I noticed one was different from the rest. When I moved it, it had a rainbow star shape look (I don't know how to describe it really) and I was wondering what it meant. I'm not a huge fan of Pokemon, I play it a small amount. I tried looking on Google (obviously) but I couldnt find anything useful. It was a Vibrava. I would really like some help please :)


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Some cards are just made with a metallic look.

That's all there is to it. I have many cards with a metallic sheen on the space around the Pokémon (attacks, HP, etc.). As of Black & White, I believe, they may also have silhouettes of their Energy type is the background.

Some cards are from certain events/championships.

Special cards, such as the ones from McDonalds, ones that are special promos, and one-of-a-kind reward cards from Tournaments and Championships have a metallic sheen on the Pokémon itself. This may be the case with your Vibrava.

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Well even though it's not really speacil I still think it looks cool :) and thanks for the help, otherwise I'd be wondering if it was a fake or something :P